Why is my composite deck turning white?

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Composite decking offers better durability, low maintenance, and a variety of looks that look more stunning. Although it has become the preferred choice for more people. But many homeowners still have questions before choosing composite decking, does composite decking fade? No doubt composite decking has many advantages. But in some cases, some homeowners have noticed their decks turning white. The following article will discuss why is composite deck turning white and how do you restore faded composite decking.

Any material can fade, and a composite deck is no exception. Although it is highly durable, there are some special circumstances that can cause the deck to turn white. The good news, however, is that you can repair decking that has faded and can restore it to its original color.

Why is the composite deck turning white

Before you learn how to fix a faded deck, find out what causes composite materials to fade. This will not only help you find the right solution, but it is also very important for future prevention to prevent the deck from fading again.


Regardless of the material, fading can occur if exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. Constant heat and sunlight can damage the surface coating of the deck, but when composite materials fade, only a very light shade is formed. With traditional wood, severe fading and discoloration can occur. Prolonged direct sunlight can also cause the composite decking surface to expand and contract. Which can put pressure on the material and cause cracking and warping of the deck.

how do you restore faded composite decking


Generally speaking, the poorer the quality of the decking material, the more likely it is to have fading problems. If you choose a cheaper deck, then your deck is likely to have fading and whitening problems. Early composite decking was more prone to fading, but as technology evolved, the quality of composite decks has gotten better.

Improper maintenance

Maintenance-free is one of the important advantages of composite decking, however, this does not mean that it does not require any maintenance. You must clean your deck regularly to keep the deck surface clean enough.

This is because dust, leaves, and debris may accumulate on the surface of your deck, leading to the growth of mold and algae. This can cause your composite deck boards to rot, crack or even fade. Therefore, the more maintenance and cleaning you make to your deck, the fewer problems your deck will have.

Substance damage

Using the wrong items to clean your deck can also cause fading of composite materials. Some cleaners with chemicals can damage your deck’s surface, leading to fading.

In addition to causing fading, it can also damage your entire deck with cracking and corrosion. Also, using some metal brushes and pressure washers may also damage your deck, which can cause fading. So before you clean your composite decking, make sure you know and follow some rules of cleaning.

Static electricity

Because of the special composition of composite decking, static electricity can sometimes be generated. When the deck comes in contact with shoes or furniture, friction occurs which leads to static electricity. Static electricity attracts dust and dirt, which can lead to a buildup of dirt, which can cause your deck to fade and discolor.


Composite decking is highly resistant to moisture, however at some point moisture can affect your deck. Standing water and moisture that has not been cleaned up for a long time can lead to mold and algae growth. Leaving your deck with fading and discoloration problems. In severe cases, this can lead to cracking, rotting, and breaking of the deck.

COOWIN composite decking

Some manufacturers will add a protective film to composite decking to prevent damage and fading. However, if this protective film is scratched or damaged, moisture can also penetrate the deck and discolor or fade.

How do you restore faded composite decking

Now that you know why is composite deck turning white, it’s time to find out how to restore them.

Contact the manufacturer

If your deck has developed fading and discoloration problems, the first thing to do is consult with the manufacturer. They will give you the best advice and practices for the deck’s condition, and will also provide you with some instructions for proper use. Some manufacturers offer warranties to homeowners that can replace and repair your deck that has faded.

Cleaning the deck

Although composite materials have become discolored, cleaning may also solve the problem. Carefully cleaning your deck with some non-abrasive substances can remove dirt and oxidation, which can leave your deck clean and bright.

Use a restorer

Restorers can be very good at repairing faded composite decking and can restore your deck to its original condition. However, before buying a restorer, make sure you buy one that is designed for composite materials.


Using a stain can also restore your faded deck. Choose the correct stain for the material you are using. Before using it, test it on a small area to make sure it won’t harm your deck. Then apply it evenly to the entire deck after thoroughly cleaning it.


This is one of the most effective ways. Although many manufacturers do not directly state that the deck can be painted, it is indeed a viable way to paint the deck to its original color after good preparation.


Composite decking has excellent durability and low maintenance. Making it a perfect alternative to traditional wood. Although it does not fade easily, slight fading and discoloration can occur under the influence of a number of factors. Such as static electricity, humidity, heat, and water accumulation.

If fading has already occurred, there are still ways you can use to restore your outdoor deck. Using restorers, stains, or whitewash can be the perfect solution. If it is no longer possible to complete the restoration work, please contact us promptly. COOWIN can provide excellent after-sales service to solve all kinds of deck problems for you.

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