What is the most popular color for composite decking?

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Composite decking has become popular for homeowners needing a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and low-maintenance building material. To meet more people’s design needs and provide homeowners with more variety. Many composite decking is now available in a wide variety of deck colors and styles. However, with the wide variety and appearance, choosing the right deck color for your building can be very difficult. In the following article, we will cover what is the most popular color for composite decking and what to consider when choosing a deck color.

What composite decking color options are available

While browsing through these available colors for composite decking, you may have a lot of questions, what is the most popular color for composite decking? Are the traditional grey composite decking boards and composite decking brown appropriate? Which is better, cool or warm decking?

According to some data and customer preference surveys, the most popular composite deck color is brown. More specifically, brown which mimics natural wood is the most popular. This includes some colors such as mahogany, cedar, and teak.

Brown is a versatile color that can be used to match a variety of design styles and outdoor spaces. And it blends in more seamlessly with the natural environment. Composite decking brown also has a warmer feel and can add more beauty to your outdoor deck.

Factors to consider when choosing a deck color

a wide variety of deck colors and styles

When you choose a deck color, consider a combination of your climate and the appearance of your home. If the color of your homeowner and building is dark, then choosing medium or dark composition deck boards is a good decision. This can add more color to your building.

Where you live is also an important factor in determining the composite decking color. If you live in a location where the sun is not strong, then using a dark or brown deck is very nice. But if you are installing decking in a sunny location, then cool grey composite decking boards can add more color to your outdoor patio.

If you have a deck that connects to an indoor deck, then you also need to take into account the color of the indoor deck to match. Choose a carpet covering or a color similar to the indoor deck, which will make the transition smoother.

Factors that may influence

Personal preference: This is the most important point, colors for composite decking mainly depend on your own style and preference. Choose a color that you like best and enjoy this beautiful color for years to come. Making your outdoor deck stand out as the ideal place to relax and unwind.

House Exterior: When choosing the color of your deck, it is necessary to consider the exterior and style of your house. By having your outdoor deck match or complement the exterior of your home, those who do can create a more unique overall look.

Surroundings: The natural environment surrounding your building is also an important factor in your choice. If you live in a natural environment, then wood tones may be more appropriate for you. If the surroundings are more urban, it may be more appropriate to choose darker colors such as black and gray.

Sun exposure: The amount of sun exposure on your deck will also affect the color choice of your deck. A darker deck color will absorb more heat, which can make your composite decking hotter on hot summer days. So in hot living areas, choose some lighter colors for your deck.

Factors that may affect the choice of color

Choose according to the style of your house

Choosing a deck color that better matches your house can create a unique style for the building and add more appeal. Before choosing a composite deck color, there are some design guidelines that can help you decide which color best suits your house style.

  • Gray decking works better with white, blue, gray, or red homes, especially in areas that get a lot of sunlight.
  • Brown decks can be used to match almost any house style and pattern.
  • Red can match a variety of home colors and styles, making your interior architecture and outdoor decks complementary.

Whether or not it gets direct sunlight

If you live in a sunny area, it can have a big impact on the choice of composite decking. In areas with direct sunlight, it is important to choose a color that will keep your deck cooler and more comfortable for you to use. Choosing grey composite decking boards and composite decking brown will allow your outdoor space to absorb less heat. So that the deck does not become too hot to walk on.

Conversely, areas, where outdoor decks are not exposed to direct sunlight, have a wider variety of options. Choose rich browns and reds to add more warmth to your space.

What is the most popular color for composite decking?

Best composite decking around the pool

If you’re looking to build a deck around your pool, then choosing durable and moisture resistant composite decks is a smart decision. But what is the right color for a pool deck?

the most popular colour for composite decking

Since you are likely to be barefoot around the pool, and the heat of the deck can be harmful to barefoot walking. So it is necessary to choose some lighter colors for the deck. Such as light gray composite decking.

The best composite decking color for high-end ambiance

If you do a lot of outdoor activities, then you definitely want to impress your guests with a more high-end deck color. Choosing gray or grayish brown is a good decision. These two colors can effectively add a more sophisticated and high-end feel to your building.


To sum up, brown is the most popular color for composite decking because it has more adaptability and can match a variety of styles and patterns. Specifically, though, you need to choose the right color for your deck project and personal preferences. The surrounding architecture, environment, and level of sunlight exposure will also have an impact on the color choice. Maybe you’ve come up with some color ideas for your outdoor space. Now is the time to open the COOWIN buying interface to see all of our colors and styles and choose the right composite decking.

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