What exactly is a composite cladding board?

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As an alternative to traditional wood wall panels. In today’s society, the most popular wall panel decoration material is composite cladding board. Composite cladding board is gradually replacing natural wood and plywood and is becoming more popular. Someone may then have inquiries. What exactly is a composite cladding board? Why do people choose composite cladding boards?

What is a composite cladding board?

Wood-plastic composite wall cladding is the full name of the composite cladding board. It is also known as composite external cladding and WPC wall cladding. It is made from wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer material (HDPE) as well as other additives. Then, using mold equipment, a new high-tech environmentally friendly material is heated and extruded.

Composite cladding board combines the features and characteristics of wood and plastic, offering the design and texture of wood products as well as the durability of plastic products. At the same time, it is significantly more durable than wood products.

Composite wall cladding offers a higher density and internal strength than plywood. Simultaneously, the composite exterior cladding is a completely recyclable and environmentally beneficial material. Formaldehyde-free, which is both healthful and safe.

The Benefits of Composite Cladding Board

While the natural grain and finish of many wood claddings can create a unique facade. However, over time, wood can fade or crack. The composition of composite cladding boards, however, ensures that the finish will look new for many years to come. Here are some characteristics of composite exterior cladding that will help you understand it better.

More Durable

The composite cladding board can withstand more extreme weather than natural wood. It effectively protects the substrate from the effects of rain and snow. It can also reduce your post-maintenance needs. Resists rot and mildew.

Temperature regulation

The composite cladding board can provide you with better insulation and make your living space more comfortable. Not only that, but it can also insulate all kinds of noise, making indoor life more relaxing.

what is composite cladding

Long life and easy maintenance

The composite cladding board is very durable, so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance or upkeep of your exterior walls. What’s more, the composite cladding board has an extremely long service life. It can even last for decades, and COOWIN’s composite cladding board is backed by a long warranty and guarantee.

It is not necessary to improve the service life of composite wood cladding through painting and dyeing. However, this does not mean that it can contaminate it at will; some oil stains, stains, and reckless coloring must be cleansed in order for a composite wall merely require daily cleaning.

Easy Installation

COOWIN’s composite cladding board can be installed using conventional tools and methods. This makes it easy and convenient to install. It also means that composite cladding boards can be installed faster and at a lower cost than wood.

Physical properties of high quality

WPC wall cladding is not only strong but also lightweight. However, it also offers anti-skid, wear-resistant, non-cracking, corrosion-resistant, insulation, and heat insulation properties.

100% waterproof and termite-proof

The composite cladding board is completely termite and waterproof. It is a long-lasting product, with a service life that is frequently several times that of regular wood items.


Composite cladding is resistant to the coastal environment, seawater, and seawater borers and is not easily corroded.


It is free of formaldehyde, lead, methanol, urea, and other hazardous compounds. Composite cladding board is a healthy and safe decorative material.

advantage of composite cladding

It also does not contain VOCs and will not emit formaldehyde. Which is quite useful to your family’s health, particularly for the elderly and youngsters.

Easy to maintain

It is not necessary to improve the service life of composite wood cladding through painting and dyeing. It merely requires daily cleaning.

However, this does not mean that it can contaminate it at will; some oil stains, stains, and reckless coloring must be cleansed in order for composite wall panels to last.

Simple to cut

During decoration, composite cladding board is as easy to cut as regular wood, and it does not shatter easily. It can be created in a variety of forms and sizes based on your specifications. Through processing, it may get a very textured appearance as well as exquisite polishing.

Fire resistance is excellent

Composite wood wall cladding is a fire-resistant material. It is a self-extinguishing polymer-based product that will not catch fire when in contact with a fire source. As a result, when choosing panels for fire-prone regions, a composite wall panel is a superior option.

Ultraviolet defense

Composite facade cladding is also resistant to sunlight. You can use a WPC wall panel in direct sunshine, and it will not deteriorate if you polish it after a specific period of time. And it will remain fresh and firm for many years.

Composite cladding board application

It can be used in residential, commercial, industrial, and other buildings. the composite cladding board is simple to install and easy to maintain. It is easy to create a more aesthetic appearance and has a long-lasting look. Composite cladding materials have grown in popularity in recent years due to their superior properties. And they can be found in a variety of settings in our daily lives:

application of composite cladding board

1. Composite wall panels can be used in indoor applications such as modular kitchens, wall panels, bathroom cabinets, doors, railings/ceilings installation solutions, and so on.

2. Outdoor applications include outside wall cladding, garden furniture, park benches and fences, prefabricated dwellings, other external applications, outdoor deck floors, and so forth.

3. Advertising WPC material is suitable for use as a signboard, display board, direct digital printing, booth, and graphics.

4. Car interior trim panel, Cruise interior trim panel, and deck are other excellent options.

Samples of composite cladding

We have over 20 years of manufacturing expertise as the leading composite cladding manufacturer. We have a skilled customer care team available to address any questions you may have. Furthermore, we can give you free samples. Improve your knowledge of composite timber wall covering. What exactly are you waiting for? Please contact us right away!

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