Pergola Design Ideas for Composite Decking

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Installing a pergola in a composite decking area enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space. Pergolas offer the perfect combination of form and function, providing both shade and architectural interest. You may want to consider using a pergola with a retractable canopy to adjust the shade so you can control the amount of sunlight that passes through.

Combine climbing plants such as wisteria or vines with a pergola to create a natural green canopy that is both aesthetically pleasing and adds shade. Lighting fixtures suspended from the pergola can create a cozy atmosphere for evening gatherings.

Choosing composite decking material for the pergola ensures durability and low maintenance, harmonizing perfectly with composite decking. Whether attached to the house or a freestanding pergola, a well-designed pergola becomes a charming focal point, transforming your composite decking boards into a stylish and inviting outdoor retreat.

Composite Pergola Designs

A pergola can shelter your patio from the wind, rain, and sun so you can better enjoy the outdoors. Roofed structures allow you to spend more time outdoors enjoying and relaxing. We have collected a variety of pergola styles that we hope will inspire you to create your own.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular as they can either be attached to or detached from the house. Pergolas can also be used as sidewalk canopies.

Covering Outdoor Living Spaces

A beautiful composite pergola can provide you with a well-shaded vantage point where you can relax and enjoy the view. If you enjoy entertaining family and friends and have a large deck space, then a pergola design may be a great addition. Hanging ferns add a touch of green to the room. A pergola also allows for a chandelier or two to hang above the outdoor dining table, providing soft light as night falls.

Wooden structures form the space around the patio and outdoor deck. This draws the eye downward, adding visual interest while creating a unique impression of a garden setting. Evergreen shrubs were chosen to provide plenty of green throughout the year. Arranging borders on either side helps to widen the dividing line. Choose evergreen plants that will provide year-round greenery.


Design the pergola to match the furniture

This striking pergola is constructed from composite decking material. The composite pergola is not only durable, but it also adds wonderful organic tones and warm hues to the entire scene. In addition, the pergola’s slatted shape provides both a comfortable summer breeze and plenty of shade.

Before building a deck pergola, consider the color of your deck furniture. Matching the same color pergola with the deck furniture will create an overall sense of space.

Improve the appearance of your home

A pergola can be freestanding or connected to the surface of your outdoor living space. We really like this classic look, made even better with the addition of climbing roses. A pergola can be added right from the back door for instant shade.

It can act as an extension and improve the feeling of space in your home. In addition, if you invest in a covered pergola, part of your garden will still be usable even on rainy days.

Build a shaded sunken area

If you decide to include plants in your pergola design, try plants with strong scents to add to the ambiance. You can use star jasmine because of its fragrant white flowers. Adding plants gives the place a more natural ambiance. The gray look adds to the stylish tone.

Sinking the area into the rest of the patio is also a good way to make it feel more secluded and define the boundaries.


Install chic hanging chairs

A slim pergola complements the hanging chairs. It stands out against the black color palette and complements the modern tiles and simple fence panels next to it. It also suspends the egg chair, providing it with solid support.

Bright color schemes and eye-catching furniture are often the best choice for modern garden ideas.

Choosing beautiful shades for your pergola

Composite decking materials can offer a wider range of color options. You can choose a composite pergola that meets the design requirements to complement your scheme. Light shades can brighten up the space and create a summery atmosphere. Combined with smooth paving stones and elegant furniture, the overall effect will be modern and exciting.

Choose a bold color scheme

A black or dark gray pergola adds drama to an outdoor space and is ideal for an industrial theme. If you choose to go this route, pairing it with neutral accessories will ensure a subtle yet elegant impression.

If you want to try a different style, consider mixing ink tones with bright yellow tones. We can use fabrics that look like patterns suitable for sunlight, creating a wonderful contrast with black. Garland lights and hanging baskets can help you complete a stunning design.


Decorate the fence with a small pergola

Want to try a different pergola idea? Add a small pergola to your fence. It will add height to the fence and shade the surrounding area.

When combined with a trellis, it is also ideal for supporting climbing plants. As the plants mature, they will form a leafy green barrier. If you’re looking for new garden fence ideas, this is a great place to start.

Incorporate a natural roof with beautiful lighting

Plant climbing plants on your pergola to mimic the setup above. This will create a natural roof that will shield you from the sun and rain, perfect for your outdoor seating ideas.

To keep the space from looking too confined, cultivate plants on one side of the pergola and leave the other three sides open. Then, accent with hanging paper lanterns and strands of ribbon to create cozy light.


Create a colorful environment

One of the best uses for a pergola is to create a partition in your garden to create a tranquil space.

You can try framing the pergola as an outdoor living area with a coffee table and outdoor lights. Pergolas and sloping decks are used to define the lounge space and make it feel like your own living room.

Bright colors will give the area a laid-back summer vibe.

Create an outdoor dining space

If you love to dine outside but don’t want your food to be completely exposed to the elements. This is where a pergola can be utilized to shield your food from the elements.

Add a few string lights and a candle or two, and your new dining room will look small and cozy, perfect for an elegant dinner party with friends.

Remodeling a Home Office Setting

Combine your home office with a charming covered pergola. After months of working from home, would you like to incorporate a garden office concept into your plans? You can incorporate a deck with a pergola into your design and enjoy coffee and fresh air every day.

We love this elegant design that turns the covered area into its own room, complete with lighting, a sofa and even a coffee table.

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