Is composite decking better than wood?

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Are you ready to replace your outdoor deck? And are you ready to buy the building materials for your deck? Before beginning such an important project, you need to be aware of the various building materials available. For the past few decades, traditional wood has been the primary material used for decorating and building. This is because it is cheap and relatively durable. Although traditional decks are a pain to maintain, they are still the preferred choice for most buildings. But natural decking is not your only choice, with evolved composite decking, a new building material has emerged. Composite deck is a very durable material. That does not require much maintenance compared to traditional decking. And it does not easily develop problems such as cracking and rotting, which are common with wood. There are more and more options for composite decking, bringing a more diverse element to your deck construction and decor. However, many homeowners don’t know much about composite decking, and you may wonder, is composite decking better than wood? The truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both, so it can be difficult to choose.

What is composite decking?

Before you understand whether composite decking is better than wood, you need to know what composite decking is, which is an increasingly popular new building material. It is a mixture of recycled plastic, wood fibers, and adhesives. Although this material is synthetic and does not have the natural beauty of traditional wood decking. However, composite decking also offers a rich color and appearance. And composite decking is more durable than natural wood decking. The most important advantage of composite decking is that it is durable and low maintenance. They never need to be sanded, stained, or painted. In addition, the manufacturers of composite decking are able to offer long warranties. Giving you peace of mind for the installation and use of your outdoor space.

Traditional decking compared to composite decking


compare composite decking and wood

One of the most important benefits of composite decking is its maintenance-free nature. If you want to transform your outdoor space but don’t want to spend a lot of time on deck maintenance, then composite decking is a good choice for you. Composite deck boards don’t require a lot of maintenance, the only maintenance needed is to clean the deck surface regularly. In fact, deck cleaning is easily accomplished with warm soapy water and a deck brush.

Traditional wood however requires very much maintenance and upkeep, and you will need to repeatedly stain, seal or sand the wood. Otherwise, your wood deck will rot, crack, and warp. This upkeep and maintenance and costly and time-consuming.


Compared to traditional wood, composite decking is very durable. Typically, composite decking will last about 25 years. Some composite decking boards can last over 30 years if you install them properly and take care of them. Composite decking will not crack or rot easily, so if you want your outdoor space to last longer, choose composite decking to make it happen.

Conventional lumber lasts about 10 years and requires a lot of maintenance and care during that time. If you use better cedar or redwood as the building material, the life span will be longer. But the disadvantages of traditional decking are obvious to all. You need to spend more on maintenance, and problems such as cracking and warping are difficult to solve. And as the years go by, traditional decks will also fade, and the more time you have, the more your wood deck will fade.


Because of the special composition of composite decking. So it has a more versatile appearance with a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. If you want your outdoor space to match the style of your house, composite decking is preferable.

advantage of composite decking

Although composite decking has a wide variety of looks to choose from, it still does not mimic the grain and naturalness of natural wood. Many homeowners choose natural wood because of its natural look. However, it is important to note that the look and color of traditional decking can fade very easily.


Composite decking is more expensive because of the special processing required to make it. Even the most expensive cedar or redwood is not as costly as the cheapest composite decking initially. Its exact price depends on the material you use and the manufacturer you buy it from. Some of the higher-quality composite decks are also more expensive. However, the higher cost of the material will give you better durability. When you factor in the cost of maintenance and upkeep afterward. Composite decking can save you more in maintenance costs than traditional wood. This means that composite decking will pay for itself faster over time.

Natural wood is very inexpensive, which is why many homeowners are willing to choose it. However, traditional decking requires high maintenance costs later on. It will make the total cost of natural wood far more than composite decking.

Environmentally friendly

Both natural wood and composite decking are environmentally friendly to a certain extent. All the materials in traditional wood come from nature. And therefore will degrade over time without causing environmental pollution. Whereas composite decking is made from recycled plastic and wood fibers. And therefore is also very environmentally friendly.


Composite decking materials are very durable and safer because they contain recycled plastic. You don’t have to worry about composite deck boards breaking at all. You may ask, does composite decking warp? The answer is never. Not only that but there are no safety hazards such as fire or burning with it. However, due to the plastic content, it may melt under extreme conditions of high temperatures.

Traditional decking is a flammable material, so wood decking is not fire-resistant. And with increased use over time, the deck may crumble, making it very unsafe for homeowners to use.

composite decking

Is composite decking better than wood?

Composite decking and natural wood are both very good choices. You will need to choose between the two materials based on your needs and preferences. But for sure, if you want your deck to be more durable and don’t want to spend more time maintaining the deck. Choosing composite decking is a good choice. In addition, COOWIN composite decking can provide homeowners with a very attentive installation service and after-sales service. Effectively enhancing the homeowner’s experience of enjoying their outdoor space.

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