How to remove ice and snow from composite decking?

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Although Christmas has passed, the temperature is still very cold. There is still a lot of snowfall everywhere and a lot of icy areas on your patio. If you have a composite deck inside your patio, then you need to consider something to remove the snow and ice from your composite deck.

Some of you may have questions about why you need to remove snow and ice from your outdoor deck. This is because removing snow and ice from composite decks will not only improve people’s travel safety. And it can maintain the integrity of the outdoor space and improve the service life of the composite deck.

If a composite deck is structurally sound, it should be able to withstand the weight of approximately three feet of snow. Even in the cold winter months, there are not many people coming and going. It is also important to clear a pathway that is free of snow and ice. It will ensure that you have a safe exit route in case of an emergency.

Best practices for snow removal

If there is only a small amount of snow on the composite deck, then you can use a leaf blower to clear the snow. This is one of the easiest ways to clean a composite deck. It is important to note that when removing snow or ice from your composite deck. Never use a metal shovel or sharp tools to avoid causing damage to the surface of your deck.

So what tool should I use to remove difficult snow, you may ask? The answer is to use a plastic shovel or rubber spade to facilitate the removal of snow from the deck and will reduce the risk of scratching the deck surface.

When clearing snow, it should be shoveled in a path parallel to the deck, not perpendicular to it. Removing snow horizontally will greatly increase the potential for damage to the deck. Never use an ice crusher on your deck. Even plastic ice crushers have the potential to cause permanent damage to composite decks.

The Safest Ice Melting Solution

When deciding to remove ice from a composite deck, choose an “ice melt” based on calcium chlorate. Rock salt can also be chosen to remove snow and ice from composite decks. Ice melts are the ideal choice because sand is naturally abrasive and can easily damage the surface of the deck boards.

When choosing an ice melt product, look for the words “safe for flagstone” and “will not kill grass” in the description. If there are children or pets in the house and they play outside on the deck a lot. Then when choosing an ice melt, take extra care to choose a product that is child and pet-friendly. Also, avoid using ice melts with added colorants, as these dyes can stain composite decks.

Clean up ice melt debris

When the cold weather’s passed, sweep granular debris from the composite deck with a broom and discard the ice melt. This will prevent people and pets from inadvertently coming into contact with the ice melt, which could damage the interior floor. If there is any remaining ice melt buildup, it can be removed by gently scrubbing with water and a rubber deck brush. When the temperature returns, it is recommended that your deck be hosed down with a garden hose to remove any stubborn, leftover debris.

As a private space for outdoor relaxation, it is important to maintain the integrity of your outdoor deck. A well-run composite deck will allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. At the same time, a well-run outdoor deck can add value to your home.

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