How to install square edge composite decking?

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Square-edge decking boards are solid, ungrooved composite decking materials. There is no side groove at the sides of the decking board. So, how to install square-edge composite decking?

It will make the installation more simple by screws directly, accessories cost is cheaper. Because of this, many still choose this type of decking. If you’re building a deck with edge boards, you may have wondered how to install them. Here is how you install these boards to build your perfect backyard patio.

Choose a Fastening System

You have to select which type of fastening system to use on the boards. Unlike grooved decking boards, you have a few options that you can choose from. Here are some of them:

Stick with the classic method

One of the most common methods of installing solid-edge decking boards is through the use of nails and screws. While this one is the most-used way of setting down the WPC boards, it has a few disadvantages.

By this method, there will be exposed nails and screw heads. Some of the clients were very careful about it, so COOWIN could supply the same color screws to solve it.


If you’re not a fan of exposed screw and nail heads, one way you can go about it is by using plugs. For this, you will need to use countersink screws on face-mounted boards. After you drilled the screws, plug the holes using the same WPC material powder as the board you’re using. While you can do this all by yourself, there are purchasable kits with complete sets of screws and plugs. One example is the camo hidden fastening system.


Get a Hidden Fastener

Another way to install your solid-edge composite boards is by using hidden fasteners specially designed for ungrooved boards. However, your options will be rather limited compared to ungrooved decking boards. Anyway, you can also check the details with the local experienced woodworker.

Make the Grooves yourself

If you have the time and necessary equipment, you can create the grooves on the boards yourself. By doing so, you can use the various hidden clipping systems available for grooved decking boards.

The advantage is will not show the screws or nails again. But the disadvantage is it will damage the structural integrity of WPC board and will affect the lifespan and warranty.

Installing the square-edge composite decking

Now that you have chosen the board’s fastening system, it’s time to build the deck. Here are the steps on how to build a deck.

Let’s check how to install square edge composite decking as below:

Step 1. Ready the land

Firstly, you need to design and plan your deck. Then, you will need to prepare the area where you will build the deck. Part of the preparation is measuring and marking the area and cleaning the area from debris and grass. You’ll also need to mark the height of the board on the base wall of the house.

Step 2. Build the Foundation

Next, you will need to dig holes for the foundation of the deck. Most builders also cover the land with landscaping fabric and gravel. Part of this preparation is installing post footers.

Step 3. Measuring and Cutting

Measure the width of the decking area as well as the length to determine how many composite decking boards are needed. once you have determined the amount of decking needed, then you can begin cutting to size. Use a saw to cut your composite decking to the desired length. You can use a straight board during the cutting process to ensure an even and straight cut.

Step 4. Build a Frame

After setting the post footers, you’ll need to install the beams and joists. You may want to secure them in place by using reinforced brackets. Observe proper joist spacing as this affects the overall deck performance.

Step 5. Installing the starting board

Start at one end of the deck area and lay the first board along the edge. Be sure to leave a 1/8″ gap between the end and edge of the deck. Allowing enough clearance will ensure that the deck can contract and expand with changes in weather and temperature. Drill pilot holes at an angle through the deck boards to the joists below and screw the panels into place.

Step 6. Install the decking boards

Starting from the side nearest the house, install the boards using the fastening system of your choice. The process will be different depending on what fasteners you’ll be using. Continue installing until the last board. Install a fascia if necessary or desired.

square edge composite decking

Step 7. Deck railings and other accessories

Lastly, install the deck railings. The process can be different depending on the type of railings that you chose to use. You can also add different accessories to your board, such as pergolas and stairs.


In summary, installing square-edge composite decking is a very simple task. By following these installation procedures and considerations. You can quickly get a more beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor space. However, it is important to note that you need to choose the right fastening system according to your needs. Different fastening systems have different advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right fastening system can enhance the service life of your outdoor space.

COOWIN supplies the full set of accessories for decking, and at the same time, also produces the outdoor WPC fence, pergola, etc. Which can be a step purchase.

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