How to clean composite decking boards

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After a long winter, we turned our attention to the outdoor deck. Then you’ll find that it’s time to clean up your composite decking boards. Outdoor floors tend to accumulate dirt and some garden debris during the cold and wet months. Clean up these dirty things so that we can better enjoy outdoor life in the warm season.

How do I cleaning composite decking?

Composite decking is very easy to clean and can make backyard cleanup easier. We recommend cleaning every six months in the spring and fall to keep outdoor living spaces clean and tidy.

Before we start to clean the composite decking boards, we need to have the following items ready. dish soap, medium-firm nylon broom or soft bristle brush, mop, and lukewarm water.

When these items are ready, we can follow these five simple steps to clean the composite deck.

1. Remove all furniture and decorations. Make sure there are no obstructions in the cleaning process while allowing the entire backyard living space to be thoroughly cleaned.

2. Sweep the composite decking with a broom, making sure to remove all loose dirt and leaves.

3. After cleaning the deck surface of dirt and debris, rinse the floor with warm water.

4. Prepare a mixture of warm water and detergent. Then mop the entire outdoor deck boards. Use this method to remove stubborn dirt and stains.

5. After carefully scrubbing the composite decking, rinse off all residual soap and residual dirt. Once the floor is dry, move the furniture and decorations back into place.

Additional questions about cleaning composite deck

In addition to the frequent deck fouling, your composite deck may face other problems. Examples include mold, food and drink stains, etc. Some of these problems can be difficult to remove with mild soapy water. Next, we introduce cleaning methods for other problems.

how to clean composite decking

General sundries

Leaves, twigs, and other items often build up on the deck and it can get mold and mildew if left uncleaned for a long time. Further damage to composite decks. Therefore, such debris needs to be cleaned in time. After cleaning, if there are residual stains, you can wash them with soapy water.

Dirt between deck grooves

Over time, dirt can sometimes accumulate in the small grooves between the floors. If this happens, it also needs to be washed with soapy water. If this doesn’t remove the dirt between the boards, use a pressure washer.

Food and Beverage Stains

Most food and drink stains, including the dreaded red wine stain, can be removed with a dry paper towel.

If paper towels don’t remove food or drink stains from the deck, use a simple soap and water method to remove them.

This is one of the things that differentiates composites from wood decks. On wood decks, these stains may be permanent. But removing food and drink stains from composite decks is really easy!


Many people enjoy cooking and preparing food on the deck. This means that sometimes some oil or grease is left on the deck. For the grease that falls off the deck, we should remove it quickly to avoid permanent staining. To remove oil and grease from composite decking, use the warm soapy water cleaning method. If done quickly, this will remove oil and grease without leaving a stain.

Daily cleaning and regular maintenance


Composite decking needs to be cleaned regularly so that it can keep your deck looking newer. Although composite decking is durable and stain resistant, it will still leave marks if you don’t clean it regularly.
We recommend cleaning composite decking 1-2 times a year, in sunny and windless weather if possible. Choose a time to remove any oil, stains, or debris that has built up on the deck.
For general dirt cleaning, you can use soapy water or a deck brush to remove it. Simple stains can be easily cleaned with a garden hose flush. If there is some more difficult dirt above the deck, you can choose to use a pressure cleaner or a cleaning agent to clean it. Be sure to use a pressure washer with no more than 3100 PIS to remove some hard-to-handle dirt. And try to clean the composite decking in pieces to avoid the cleaner from setting in the sun.
Whichever way you choose to clean your deck, be sure to follow the grain of the deck. This will ensure that your composite decking will not be damaged. It will also prevent the formation of standing water that can create a lot of molds.

How to remove snow and ice from composite decking?

Although in the cold winter, you spend more of your time indoors. But it was still necessary to remove snow and ice from the composite deck. Not only will this avoid harm to your family, but it will also better protect your outdoor deck, but please be aware of these points when removing snow.

Avoid using sharp objects such as metal shovels or ice crushers to remove snow and ice from your deck, which will severely damage your deck. You can use a plastic shovel to clean composite decking, which will not scratch the surface of your deck. You can also use ice melt to remove snow and ice, which will not leave a residue on your deck. Compared to rock salt, ice melt is more effective and you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor. If you use rock salt to clear snow, remove it immediately after use. If outdoor temperatures allow, it is recommended to use warm soapy water or hot water to melt the ice. This way is the safest and will not cause any damage to the deck.

Can snow be shoveled from a composite deck?

composite decking

If you have a shovel with rubber edges, you can shovel snow from a composite deck without damaging the deck. Avoid using a shovel with a metal edge, as it can scratch and damage laminate floors.

Can a snowblower be used?

Some homeowners have long decks. If there is a lot of snow, they may want to use a walk-behind snow blower to remove the snow.

This is not a good idea! Like a shovel with a metal blade, a snowblower can cut and damage composite decks. Therefore, we do not recommend using a snowblower to remove snow above composite decking.

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