How long do composite decks last?

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Building decoration and maintenance can take a lot of money. If you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, you want your building to be more durable and last longer. As time goes on and technology advances. Many homeowners are moving away from traditional wood in favor of more durable composite decking. Outdoor spaces are an important investment, especially those built with composite decking. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional builder. An understanding of composite decking can be very useful in the construction of your project. The innovative combination of recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic. Can make it more durable than traditional decking or pressure-treated decking. Over time, the composite deck has proven to be a very long-lasting material. But the question is, how long do composite decks last?

What is composite decking

To understand composite decks last, you need to know what composite decking is. Unlike natural decking and plastic decking. Composite decking contains wood fibers and plastic components. However, the mixture of fibers and plastic makes for a much stronger and more affordable material. Composite decking has many of the same components as them though. Composite decking boards can make your outdoor space better. But the process of making composite decking is longer and composite decking is more durable and stronger. Composite decking boards can last 30 years or more. If you follow the manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations for proper installation or maintenance.

How long do composite decks last?

Based on experience, composite decking is the most durable and least maintained product on the market. Generally speaking, composite deck boards will last 10-25 years with regular maintenance and care. This means that composite decking can last up to three times longer than natural decking.

composite decking

But composite decking comes in many different types and qualities. They play an important role in the life span and longevity of the deck, and some of the best composite decking boards can even last 40-50 years. For example, some composite deck boards use a cover or pvc layer, which provides greater resistance to the deck. This allows your deck to resist extreme weather and other natural elements and also reduces the absorption of water. This is one of the reasons why composite decking can last longer. Many cracking or rotting problems come from moisture. Mold also thrives in dark, humid environments and can cause your deck to deteriorate. Natural wood is very susceptible to rot or insects and is much more expensive to maintain. But this is definitely not the case with COOWIN composite decking. In addition to general durability, COOWIN also offers a very long warranty on the decking to ensure longevity.

Why choose composite decking boards

Composite decking boards are a material made from recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic. In addition to not impacting the environment as much as traditional wood. Composite decking has better durability. Because of the durability of plastic, composite decking does not need to be stained or painted. All you need to do is clean it with warm soapy water and a deck brush. It’s easy to keep your deck looking good and more durable. Although treated wood can last 5-10 years, you must maintain and stain it every year. It is because of the durability and hassle-free nature of composite decking. More and more people are choosing composite decking.

Reasons why composite decking is more durable

Why does composite decking look so new after years of use? Its unique construction provides many benefits.

  • Mildew resistance: Molds and other fungal organisms feed on the organic materials in wood. Over time, mold can gradually destroy your deck, leaving it cracked or rotting. However, mold does not affect composite decking materials. Its plastic construction protects the deck from disturbance.
Lifespan of composite decks
  • No fading: Even if you maintain and care for your wood deck regularly, it will eventually discolor and fade as you use it. This doesn’t happen with composite decking, though, because its stain is baked evenly into every finish.
  • No cracking: Natural woods have long, thin fibers, so wear and tear can cause them to split into various pieces. In composite decking, the fibers are tightly packed together, so they do not crack easily.

Factors that may affect composite decks last

  • Expansion or contraction: Due to seasonal temperature fluctuations. Expansion and contraction will occur regardless of the material. The rate of expansion of a decking board depends on the material used, and even aluminum decking may move due to temperature. Weather can likewise affect your deck. Prolonged rainy weather can also cause your deck to expand and move if it suddenly becomes hot. Therefore you must take into account the clearance between decks when installing them. If you don’t take into account the clearance when installing, it will only affect the life of the deck.
  • Wrong cleaning: Using the wrong way to clean the deck can affect the performance of composite decking material. For example, using a pressure washer to clean the deck in close proximity. This can lead to cracking or breakage of the composite decking boards. Another incorrect way to clean decking is to use harsh or abrasive chemicals to clean the decking. This can cause the protective layer of composite deck material to peel and fade, which can seriously affect the life of the deck. If you wish to clean the deck, it is easy to do so with warm soapy water and a deck brush.
  • Furniture causes wear and tear: Although composite decking is scratch resistant, it is not very scratch resistant. If you need to move heavy items such as tables and sofas on the deck, it is recommended that you lift rather than drag. Scratches caused on the deck may lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can affect the use of the deck.

Summing up

Introduction of composite decks

Overall, composite decking can last longer than traditional wood. However, the exact lifespan should be known according to the manufacturer’s measurements. By choosing composite decking, you can enjoy your outdoor space longer. COOWIN composite decking comes with a long warranty, and COOWIN is a trusted name in composite decking. We are here to help you.

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