Do composite decks add value?

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Decks make the house more active and it is an extension of the living space of the house. Those who live here now have a new, peaceful place to relax and spend quality time with their families. An outdoor deck is perfect for catching up with friends and family because it provides a place that is not available indoors.

On the deck, you can set up a grill to prepare dinner, lay out sleeping mats for the kids to sleep on, or read the newspaper in the morning with a cup of coffee. Because of the limited space in the house, there are some things you can do on the deck that you can’t do indoors.

Because of this, people looking to buy a house will be interested in a house with a deck. If your home draws attention to itself, its value will go up when you put it on the market.

What Makes a Home More Valuable?

Whether you want to sell your home or not, making it worth more is always a good idea. There are many ways to make a home more valuable. One of the most common ways is to change and improve the appearance of your home. However, you need to be wise about the changes you make as not all home alterations will increase the value of your home.

If you want to move up the property ladder, make sure that the changes and improvements you make don’t cost too much. If you make some minor repairs to your home, change some of the internal arrangements. For example, by adding some rooms, and expanding the porch, garage, yard, and deck, then your home will be worth more.


Many people like to have outdoor recreational areas like decks and porches when they buy a home. When people sell their homes, they want to make sure they get more money back. Since decks are easier and less costly to build than porches, this is their choice.

Since decks are in high demand in the real estate market. Therefore, it is a must-have amenity for housing projects and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to build an outdoor deck. You can add value to your home with a backyard deck that won’t break the bank.

Will Building a Deck Increase the Value of My Home?

No matter how much it costs to build a deck, a deck will make your home worth more. If the deck is large enough to increase the square footage of your home, then it will be worth more.

It is important to note that a deck does not always add extra space to your home. This is because most decks are built in the yard of the home. The land around the house is already part of the property’s square footage, so building a deck there may not add any square footage.


Different Types of Decks

The kind of deck and deck style you need depends on how big or small your lot is. If you have a large yard, find the best place to build your deck. You can build the following types and styles of decks for your large yard:

  • Freestanding decks or floating decks
  • Multi-level decks
  • Pool decks

If you have a smaller yard, you can also build the right deck to expand your outdoor living space. It is important to do this without reducing the size of your deck. For smaller lots, listed below are some of the types of decks that can be used:

  • Wrap-around decks
  • Attached decks
  • Side yard decks

Using composite decking material to build an outdoor deck is a great option because it can be built on any size lot and requires little maintenance. Composite decking is made of wood fibers and recyclable plastic. It lasts longer and requires less maintenance than other types of decks.


How Much Can Composite Decking Add to the Value of a Property?

Compared to other types of decks, composite decking has a higher value. This is because they last longer and require less maintenance. A composite decking can cost up to $15,900 to build and return $10,800. This means that the value can increase by up to 68%. Because of this, many people are building composite decking in their homes.

COOWIN composite decking is strong and durable and will not fade, rot, or warp. A well-maintained and cared-for wood deck has a lifespan of about 10-15 years. A properly installed composite decking can last up to 30 years or more.

Will COOWIN Composite Decking Make Your Home Worth More?

Even though composite decking costs more to build than wood decking, COOWIN composite decking still better increases the value of your home. Eco-friendly composite decking requires no maintenance and is simple to assemble. And composite decking is available in many colors and finishes to match many different deck design styles.

In addition, composite decking has good water and mold resistance and will not warp or crack. You only need to clean composite decking with mild soapy water to keep it looking good. As a result, COOWIN composite decking offers a much higher return on investment than any other decking material.



In conclusion, the answer to the question of whether composite decking adds value to a property is yes. Beyond the immediate aesthetic appeal and low maintenance benefits, composite decking boards offer a lasting investment. It enhances both the functionality and resale value of a home.

Composite decking boards are durable and able to withstand the elements. It not only enhances the outdoor living space, but also increases the overall value of the property. In addition, the growing popularity of composite decking material among homeowners underscores its desirability and potential to attract buyers when it comes time to sell. Whether you are enjoying its benefits first hand or capitalizing on its resale value, composite decking boards are undoubtedly a worthwhile investment in any property.

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