Costs of Different Deck Railing Styles

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A deck railing is a structural barrier that keeps people and pets from falling off the deck. Deck railing is especially important when the edge of an outdoor deck is 18 inches or more above the ground. Deck railing systems complete the railing by using posts and rails for stability, leveling, and stairs. When you decide to build a deck, one of the first things you need to consider is the type of railing to install. A perfect railing will not only add to the safety and security of your deck, but it will also add beauty to the appearance of your outdoor space. With so many choices, however, comparing the prices and benefits of different railing styles can be difficult. In the next article, we will discuss the costs and benefits of different railing styles to help you make a better decision.

About outdoor deck railing

The deck railing is, without a doubt, the most visible feature of your outdoor deck. It is critical to select a railing style, color, and size that complements your home. With so many options available, we can assist you in selecting the railing that best fits your project and budget.

Most decks have had wood railings for several decades. Wooden railings may be the cheapest to buy, but they are the most expensive to maintain. Wood railings require regular maintenance every year or two in everyday life. Repairing, sanding, and painting the wooden railing will take a significant amount of time and money. As a result, the wood railing is one of the most expensive types of railing.

Aluminum deck railing prices

Costs of Different Deck Railing Styles

The cost of aluminum railing systems ranges from $50 to $60 per linear foot. The exact price is determined by the material used, the size of the post, and the cost of shipping.

Why is an aluminum railing a good choice? This is due to the high durability of the aluminum railing. Iron railings rust if not properly maintained, but aluminum railings do not. Of course, whether the railing is made of iron or aluminum, it is a good idea to purchase paint pens in the same color as the railing. It will cover any areas where the paint has been scratched off. Touching up a railing with paint is simple and effective, and it can be done by anyone.

Wooden railing

This is a very classic choice that can add more nature and texture to your deck. However, depending on the type of wood chosen, there can be a wide range of prices. Pine is a very affordable option, however, it requires more post-maintenance and care, and you will need to stain and seal it regularly. Cedar has excellent durability and can effectively resist rot and insect damage, though it can be more expensive in comparison. Generally, a wood railing costs between $20-$50 per inch, including labor and installation costs.

Glass Railings

A glass railing can provide a beautiful yet sleek look perfect for the modern home. It can provide an unobstructed view of your outdoor space. However, glass balustrades are more expensive and vary in price more widely. Typically, glass railings cost between $150 and $850 per foot. This includes shipping costs, installation costs, and accessory costs. The nature of glass makes it susceptible to scratches or dirt, so glass railings require more cleaning and maintenance to keep the railings clear.

Which deck railing is the best

Composite decking prices Railings

Composite railing systems are very similar to aluminum railing systems in that they include all of the necessary components. The most significant difference between composite railing system materials is the type of posts used. Most composite railing systems include a post sleeve that can be installed on either a wood post or a structural bullhead post.

Composite railing ranges in price from $65 to $150 per linear foot. Again, this is dependent on the application and size of the material, as well as the type of infill or railing.

Cable Railing Price

Another popular choice is a cable railing. The cable railing is a modern minimalist view. However, cable railing can be an expensive option. Cable railing systems range in price from $90 to $150 per linear foot.
The pre-drilled kit posts of cable railing systems make installation as simple as possible.

Cost Comparison

A cost comparison of various deck railing options appears to show that aluminum railing is a relatively inexpensive railing option. Composite railing with an aluminum railing or composite railing infill is more expensive than an all-aluminum railing. Furthermore, cable infill with composite railing will be more expensive than cable with aluminum railing.

However, in everyday use, metal railings are more susceptible to the effects of temperature. For example, in colder weather, the railing will freeze. The deck railing will be warm in the summer. At the same time, the metal railing must be painted to match the house’s later outdoor deck design. The ease of use is not as good as that of the composite railing.

The cost and advantages of different railing styles


In conclusion, the exact cost of a deck railing depends on the railing material chosen and the design needed. When comparing these materials, while traditional wood railing is cheaper, it requires more maintenance and cares to ensure longevity. Aluminum and composite materials can provide a more durable, maintenance-free solution, but require more upfront costs. Glass and cable railing can provide you with a stylish design, but it is more expensive. A careful understanding of these materials can make it easy for you to make the right decision.

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