What is WPC decking?

As a Decorative Material Under Outdoor Conditions, It Must Not Only Be Sufficient to the Complicated Weather Environment, but Also Show the Owner's Taste in Life.

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    More Environmentally Friendly

    WPC decking use recycled wood fiber and recycled HDPE as the main raw materials, and is manufactured without generating wastewater or waste gas. And it is 100% recyclable.

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    More Durable

    Compared with solid wood decking, WPC decking board is more waterproof, mildew-proof, and anti-cracking. After installation, it requires no maintenance and can be used for 25-30 years.

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    More Beautiful

    WPC decking has rich color choice, which can meet the needs of various styles of project. Also, COOWIN® patented deep wood grain technology makes the decking both beautiful and non-slip.

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Unparalleled product projects, quality determines success or failure

American Park Railing and Decking Project

This is a park project in the United States. Before selecting materials, customers were more concerned about the safety of the product. After a number of sample comparisons, they finally chose COOWIN’s wood-plastic products.

Swedish Villa Platform Outdoor Decking Project

Due to its good mechanical properties and beautiful appearance, wood plastic decking is very suitable for laying the platform outside the villa. This project uses a cedar-colored decking color and a 3D wood-grain floor surface.